The 6th International Conference on Tribochemistry and Nanomaterials  follows  a 4-year cycle of tribochemistry conferences, organized since 1993. The 2009 edition was hosted by our long time cooperators, Prof. Weimin Liu group of the State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication at the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science in Lanzhou, China. Polish-Chinese cooperation is also  maintained in organization of this year’s edition. The scope of the 6th edition will focus on the latest advances in tribochemistry and—as a novelty—topics related to nanomaterials. The meeting will enable exchange of scientific ideas and discussions between researchers from various fields of tribochemistry and nanoscience.

The meeting will address the following main topics:


             Tribochemistry and nanotribology:

- tribology of ultra thin films and coatings

- tribochemistry in micro and nanoscale

- perspectives of development and other aspects of nanotribology

- tribochemistry of modern liquid and solid lubricants (nanoparticles-based lubricants, nanocomposites, ceramics, self-lubricating and other advanced materials)

- new types of additives and materials for boundary lubrication

- recent advances in analytical techniques for physical and physicochemical investigation of frictional contacts

- standardization aspects in tribological tests

- biotribology



- new methods of synthesis of nanomaterials

- nanocomposites and related topics

- surface properties and modification (adhesion, wettability, photocatalysis, self-assembly, etc.)

- applications of nanomaterials

- metrology and standardization aspects in research on nanomaterials

- health and safety issues related to nanomaterials


Experts and leaders from various research institutions are welcome to join, to discuss current ideas and to stimulate the networking and collaborating between research groups.  Young researchers are also encouraged to participate, to broaden their scientific and educational horizons.


The Conference is supported by The City of Lodz Office

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