Current PhD research




































Beata Tkacz-Szczęsna, MSc

Phase transfer of metallic nanoparticles from aqueous colloid to selected organic solvents

Katarzyna Kośla, MSc

Tribological characterization of fluoroalkilosilane  thin layers at the micro- i nanoscale

Kinga Kądzioła, MSc

Application of photocatalytic properties of titania in synthesis of silver nanoparticles

Marcin Rosowski, MSc

Electrospray assisted synthesis and deposition of nanoparticles

Patrycja Łyczkowska, MSc

Photocatalysts made ​​from textile materials modified with titanium oxide (IV)

Daniel Pawlak, MSc

Interactions of water and ice with hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces

Ewelina Mackiewicz, MSc

Synthesis of core-shell type magnetic nanoparticles and their functionalization for biomedical applications