Piotrkowska Street

One of the longest (over 2 miles!) shopping streets in Europe with over 1-mile long traffic-limited promenade. The most representative street of Łódź, full of beautiful tenement houses and industrialists' palaces built in various styles, hides many secrets. One of them are works of art in some courtyards, such as Passage of Rose on Piotrkowska 3 - an artistic installation by Joanna Rajkowska, covering the walls of the inner tenement courtyard - or "The Birth of The Day": large-format painting by Wojciech Siudmak hidden in the courtyard of Więckowskiego Street 4 (around 150ft from Piotrkowska).


Former industrial complex of Izrael Poznański's textile factory - the old spinning mill, colouring plant, finishing plant, power plant, fire station and other facilities converted to a multi-functional shopping, entertainment and cultural complex with large market square often used for major events and open to the public. Over 300 shops and restaurants and cafes, a bowling alley, two museums, a theater, a cinema, an ice rink in winter and a volleyball beach in summer, and - last but not least - a zip line over the complex.

Księży Młyn

The unusual "company town" built in the second half of the 19th century by Karol Wilhelm Scheibler on the lands of the old mill settlement (hence the name "Księży Młyn", roughly translated to "A Priest's Mill"). The core of Scheibler's textile empire was a 680ft long building of a weaving factory (on the picture, re-adapted for loft apartments nowadays). Norhtside of the street a worker's estate of multi-family houses has been built, along with fire station, elementary school and a factory shop. The buildings of power plant and gas house were constructed in the vicinity.

OFF Piotrkowska Center

The old Franciszek Ramisch's factory building adapted for a hub containing plenty of pubs, restaurants, night clubs, local designers' showrooms, bookstores, architectonic and artistic workshops... A meeting place for people craving unique cultural experiences in post-industrial setting.


EC1 is a huge cultural complex located within the walls of the first city's power plant. Divided into two monumental wings, EC1 hosts the fully interactive Centre For Science And Technology commited to popularisation of science (with highlighted educational path showing the processing of energy using the old turbogenerator or conveyor belts), and the Planetarium with wide, spheric screen in 8K resolution.
12 Tamka street, 91-403 Łódź, phone/fax: (48 42) 635 57 44

The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the leading chemistry faculties in Poland. The Faculty offers several types of educational programmes structured in accordance with the Bologna system: 3-year bachelor degree studies (BSc), 2-year master degree studies (MSc) and 4-year doctoral studies (PhD).The faculty members are engaged in teaching and research in almost all fields of modern chemistry. We have many well-equipped laboratories, together with facilities and instrumentation devoted to basic and applied research in the various branches of chemistry. The results of experiments conducted by our scientists are published in reputable journals and often implemented in practice. The Faculty also offers one year postgraduate courses.

The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the twelve faculties at the University of Lodz.

Students: 605

  • BSc Programmes: 360
  • MSc Programmes: 185
  • Ph.D. Programmes: 60

A  cademic staff:

  • Full professors: 10
  • Professors and tenured doctors: 24
  • Doctors: 63
Nr projektu: POIS.13.01-00-005/08
"Budowa i modernizacja Wydziałów Biologii Fizyki i Chemii Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego"

Wartość projektu: 102.077.264,91 zł
Realizacja : 2009- 2012

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