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Faculty of Chemistry

12 Tamka street, 91-403 Łódź, phone/fax: (48 42) 635 57 44

Why study at the Faculty of Chemistry?
Faculty full-time for three fields of study - (Chemistry, Cosmetic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry); classes for students are taught by an experienced research and teaching staff consisting of eminent professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers.
Faculty teaching offer includes three categories of full-time studies: Bachelor's degree (BSc), second degree (MSc), and studies of the third degree (PhD). Each type of study and the field of study has its own program.
Graduates of the Faculty are working in many foreign universities, are also employed in many sectors of the chemical and related industries.
The staff and students of the Faculty have won many prestigious awards and academic achievements are published in international journals.

The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the leading chemistry faculties in Poland. The Faculty offers several types of educational programmes structured in accordance with the Bologna system: 3-year bachelor degree studies (BSc), 2-year master degree studies (MSc) and 4-year doctoral studies (PhD).The faculty members are engaged in teaching and research in almost all fields of modern chemistry. We have many well-equipped laboratories, together with facilities and instrumentation devoted to basic and applied research in the various branches of chemistry. The results of experiments conducted by our scientists are published in reputable journals and often implemented in practice. The Faculty also offers one year postgraduate courses.

The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the twelve faculties at the University of Lodz.

Students: 605

  • BSc Programmes: 360
  • MSc Programmes: 185
  • Ph.D. Programmes: 60

A  cademic staff:

  • Full professors: 10
  • Professors and tenured doctors: 24
  • Doctors: 63

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